Surviving Cancer – Links to Alternatives from Chemotherapy

After staying with Friends who are recovering remarkably from Cancer I asked them to share the information of what they were doing.

Really it makes so much sense and there are many success stories.  After losing my mum to cancer (and all the chemo) two years ago I have seen that side personally.

Knowing the alternatives I have to share this.

Here is the email from my friend about the treatments.

Having your body highly oxygenated and alkaline does wonders for heath.

Hi Mia, here are web sites to go to as well as treatment centre I went to in Mexico. There are definitely other options. If you friend is open the alternatives are her best bet. At least encourage her to do research on them as well what radiation and chemo does to ones body which kills more good cells as well totally depletes the immune system.

I’ll get More information on the Greek vaccine web site and contacts.

I went thru various IV treatments and finally got the Greek vaccine which was designed specifically for my situation (breast cancer) where they drew blood reproduced cancer cells then tested it against a variety of treatments to see which would work best then developed a vaccine or chip of which I have received 2 treatments so far. It has reduced the tumour a bit. This I did at the Hope Wellness Centre in Acuna ,Mexico. Here is the web site This will also give you the San Angelo, Tx centre as well. Steve Hines the naturopath also does consults by phone.

This last time I was there Steve Hines strongly suggested that I get what is called Gc-MAF First Immune. It is a series of 8 subcutaneous shots that boost the immune system and fights cancer cells and has had extremely great results in short period of time. here is the web site that goes in depth about it – – It’s in Europe but can get the vile of shots sent and take them yourself. The web site explains the treatment and how it works need to also look at this.

Another treatment to look at is the Component Simpsons Oil/ Cannabis (buds) I have not checked this out yet but can go to a type in Simpson oil/cannabis to get an explanation it is medicinal side of marijuana.

Another one I’ve checked into is Max Gerson therapy it’s about eating raw foods and doing coffee enemas and juicing. The homeopath Jack Miller from Kingman suggested this program as well as Steve Hines clinic. There is a retreat centre in Sedona Az.

Here is the web site for Gerson institute which seems to be very thorough about his treatment program also

hope helps it is good to check them all out it may take more than one specific treatment to assist in healing with a potential commonality among them all.

Diet is important as well.

Hi, here is another source that we all have used it is Dr Hulda Clark and she has several books one is Cure for all Cancers. Web sites and

Another thing people can do is visualization thru pictures of whole and healthy body parts that are effected like Dr Joe did when he had his spinal injury which assisted in his healing process

Even if you feel healthy some of these are good to do anytime to give the body a boost.

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I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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