Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shares a message from Elder of Taos New Mexico

Greetings Beloveds!!!
Exciting times we are in!
I want to share some beautiful news with you all. And specially to all who have been generous with what you have to sent to the Hopi Elder and helping us do all that has been needed. Be it prayers, money, hands on and whatever was asked!!! I have observed and have had those who declare themselves Masters tell me they don’t give to this “sort of thing”, and that Her Sons need to go to work and help her!!! One was reported as saying they were concerned I would ask their following for donations!!? Little do they know!

Recently in my time with family in Taos New Mexico, completing another year of Sun Ceremonies and Dance, and having the privilege of dancing as an Elder with them, it had powerful returns and blessings. Hundreds of healing’s and requested outcomes for various situations and conditions of life. They joined in Ohio’s focus on the great waters of the Mother.

They danced without breaks or bodily needs. They had fasted for 33 days prior to ceremony!!! Not something I am suggesting to anyone here in this communication.

As we closed and the celebration continued and I said I needed to get along and that we had many other places yet to get to. They asked I wait to hear their Oldest Elder speak.

He did and shared many messages of our Ancients. Then he spoke of the teaching and legend of Pahanna, the pale brother that went from the All People’s gathering of the first world, and was to bring the wisdom of the East Gate to The People/Humanity. He went on to say all the Wisdoms of all the other directions have come back over the following worlds, but up to now, not the real Pahanna.

He said the Circle or the Sacred Hoop was not complete without Pahanna’s return. He spoke how North America remained the heart of it all, as like the back of a Turtle all land had broken and separated into countries and different lands, North America had not moved from original place in First World.

He said pale relations came to North America and was not real Pahanna. They brought dease and suffering with them.

He said still The Native Peoples waited, holding faith and staying true to Great Spirits instructions. And then he spoke of the recent news of what non-native people had come to do for a Hopi Elder to who remained true to her Covenant to Massau. She had lived truly as the first world, no moderation.

He said now all the Spirit Keepers of the People’s who still have pure connections without the suffering of many addictions that are going on in Native lands, agree that Pahanna has returned. And fulfilled the gifts of the East Gate. There is now Truth being spoken, a time when all wordily people are asking about what is coming now. What are the changes going to be? They want to know what the Natives are saying! He laughed a bit with this!

He said, The East Gate Keeper said, we were not to judge others and allow for all to have a place in the Circle of Life. To live in Right Relationship. That we need to care for each other and to share all Earths harvest, and she would always supply our needs. We understood always she is our Great Mother, he said, and our Birth Mothers her vessels.

But he said when the Pale ones came, they took, not shared. They suppressed and judged not liberate and care for all things and all people. They judged us all here as savages and killed and took with no respect. Anyone different than them were destroyed or suffered. Still, he said there were the few that held to all sacred teachings. He said Anna Mae was one of those people, and she had the gift of Pahanna come to her Village many years ago, through a Pale Sister who brought many Pahannas!!! They show with all they have and do, how much they understand and know. They have come and assured that the shelters and homes from the past worlds will stand the changes and be there to remind us as we come back to the new world who we are and how it began. He stood up and said to all the hundreds gathered there, (only three of us pale skins present), Pahanna has sent his people back for us!!!! He said man kind will survive the Changes, and peace is real now. That caring is what will determine who stays and are the seeds of a complete world again. The crowd jumped up and a roar of cheering and calling out took place. We were all celebrating!!!

When this stopped, he and four of his fellow Elders stepped up to me and handed me a gift of soil, and said welcome home!!! Tell all Pahannas we thank them for not forgetting us, or leaving when the illusion of broken was so visible. He thanked us for not giving up and not judging them. He said they always knew they would survive. I was chocking with tears, and they all wept with me, some for sorrow’s past, and mostly for joy of our future.

When all was complete, I sat with him and Elders Circle of many South West Peoples, and expressed my love and gratitude to them for all that they are to our World and all they have kept connected for us. And said I would bring their message to our people. And I asked who I was to give it to, or was all Pale ones Pahanna, they said no as all seeds some fall to unfertile soil, so has man, and all who I give their message will know if it is speaking to them or not theirs to have. They said you will be known by your deeds and generosity. He said find those not attached to physical things in the world. Well that made me feel better!!! That was easy to do!!! Many of you have given beyond your means, and time. I replied to them, It is done, so it is!!!!!

So to you all who have given and all who have prayed and felt compassion and knew where you could serve without a motive of self gain, this is for you!!!

And to all who have been on the scene and faced severe disillusionment of conditions that rightfully created doubt and challenged your truths, you are all the Old One said, you came, stayed, gave and let go of judging what you could not understand. You now see truth in yourself and others.

Welcome home Pahanna!! So it is!!!

“My people perish from a lack of knowledge”
Hosea 4:6
Be a strategist, and find solutions!
Think success, act success, live success, have success.”–Pa’Ris’Ha

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