Write Now to Protect Kimberly Wilderness – Grandmother Parisha teaching re: no opposition


Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has shared stories which illustrate to me that respect for All is the Way. That the Way to change anything is by taking responsibility for its outcome and to influence change by asserting what I am for. Have no “Against” the “Other side” as this is Separation and the act of two ‘sides’ butting up against each other reinforce and fuel “that thing being disputed” into being. So, I am for having the Kimberly Kept Natural, for James Price Point being open for all to experience and truely amaziong part of the Earth and to Connect with and through the Indigenous Peoples (past and present) who are the Wisdom Keepers and knowledge holders (historians?) in this area.
I am for supporting Minster Burke in his decisions that result in the Kimberly being like the Great Barrier Reef (heavy industry was planned for there as well but the foresight and wisdom from decision makers then resulting in today’s protected and highly enjoyed area) a place for all where the Harmony of Nature and the Natural Cycles are the dominate influence. Where People feel better and are better – just because they are on this Land.
“Be in Nature, stay in harmony with Nature, it is you…Learn of Nature, then understand yourself!” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha
So I have the to send the following letter to the Minister – please if you feel moved, speak up as well. From wherever you are in the World.
Dear Minister Burke,
I understand that much time and $ money has been put into the Gas project. I also understand that those making decisions have many pressures from those with money and ‘reason’ such as making jobs, etc. I’ve been to James Price Point and up and down the Coast near there. This is timeless and where the jobs and money are is in the securing this for appropriate tourisim. Especially the growing area of “Back to Basics” and learning from Indigenous Peoples.
I found huge interest overseas from this kind of experience.
I respect your positions of needing to make a decision and having many at your door (big industry) telling you why it must be their way – plus the financial support they give to your, and other, parties. However, I support you as a person of high consciousness to make decisions that facilitate this area of Magnificence to be retained as Natural – with the added depth of our Indigenous Peoples who can share with us their Wisdom.
We are many voices of this view but often to busy or not feeling empowered that this makes a difference but I know you can make this decision to see expansion and jobs in this area by appropriate ‘tourism’.
Share your thoughts directly or via this link.
“What befalls the Earth, befalls all who live of the Earth.” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha
Parisha Taylor
” When we have Compassion, our heart is open, and we become stronger than the things we usually judge and avoid that cause us pain, anger, and outrage. We become attuned not to just the nurturing and life giving forces of Creator, but also the imbalanced oppressive and life threatening ones. As we can open ourselves to others and begin to understand more, which is better than condemning them, we learn how to apply Love and forgiveness to relieve the suffering.
Compassion is not done for others, it is done with others, for yourself, because you can no longer deny the need. Life is Joy and it is the role of us all to reduce suffering on this planet and live fully what we really are, Co-creators.” (Pa’Ris’Ha – 2009)

All the Best Always
Elaway diye Ngli’ta

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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