Sharing poem and song about the Sun Dance – song by Black Eagle and song by Denean

This lovely poem and link to the song was sent by a friend.
A lovely creation of the Sun Dance.
Sun Dances are being held now in the US.
Being part of the one in Ohio this July – intimate and profound – makes one want to share the poem and song.
Maybe you’ll feel moved by this and want ot know more or experience this for yourself.

Sundance By V.Black Eagle 7/6/11

We rise in the morning to the smell of sage and sweet grass burning.
The red morning sunlight burns through the clouds awakening life.
As we greet the four directions, the earth, sky and Great Spirit.
In our prayers we are gratefull for our place upon mother earth.
And humbly thankful for the calling to this sacred sundance.

There’s a circular road we have chosen to dance this day.
It’s has been danced by many people and elders before us,
and prayerfully many more will come and join this dance
to bring healing to all. We ready ourselves both physically
and spiritually. The lodges burn hot as we pray with all
our hearts.

In lodge our bodies are being purified, and our mind begin
to drift between the physical and spirit world. Preparing us,
bringing the spirit world and physical world together as one.
Refining our senses to meet our spirit helper. A time
to bring out the dead bones in the earth. And pray them back to
a new life.

All that is of this world and beyond follows the circle. This
circle is for our life we offer to all our relations. It’s a time
where the elders of the past have danced the sundance. This
day they will be dancing with us. Everything this day will be
fulfilled to heal all that lives. And To heal the earth and all who
lives and died upon mother earth.

Our ceremonies continue through the day and night for many days,
committing our lives to walk in sacredness, and speak with peace on
your heart. Let your voices be not of one, but many. Let your songs
be not one in one language, but a world song that all people will
hear and understand.

A tree stands before us, as an eagle circles overhead. As we are
connected to the tree of life. We become one with all who dances.
With our pipe in one hand and sage and a eagle feather in the other.
Adorned with sage around our arms and legs and atop of our heads.
The drummer beat begins, as the sundance begins.

We walk the life of our ancestors walked. And dance the dance of our
ansectors. We will be dancing in the spirit land. We will sing the songs of
our ancestors. Our prayers will rise on the smoke of sage and sweet grass,
to be carried on the wings of the eagles and be carried to Great Spirit.
Will will dance to the beat of mother earth. There’s no sense of time here.
As we cry out to Great Spirit with all of our hearts for healing for all…..Aho Sundancer song by Denean


Artist Note: This song honors a most beautiful and sacred ceremony: The Sun Dance.

This ceremony is the highest spiritual expression of the People. With great reverence

I offer this song as the expression of my experience with this ceremony.

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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