Give Innocent Children a Voice write to teh Minister re: no Children to be sent to Malaysia into detention

Hi I’m posting this form the Green Candidate. I sent an email to the Minister – please speak up aswell. Example email you can send is included below the following information. Please add your own words if you can. Send email to

Give Innocent Children a Voice
Dear friends,
Today the High Court has agreed to extend the injunction to delay the expulsion to Malaysia of the first group of asylum seekers (including children) who arrived on Christmas Island last week, until the week of August 22. Now it is over to you, to have your say..

The Government is shirking its international responsibilities by sending asylum seekers to a country where their human rights are not guaranteed. Malaysia does not have a good record when it comes to the treatment of vulnerable asylum seekers; caning and arbitrary detention are common place. Despite the Prime Minister’s verbal assurances, nothing in the written agreement between our two countries allays the concerns of human rights advocates and legal experts.

We are extremely concerned for the welfare of children, particularly those who have arrived unaccompanied. Children should never be made an example of. They are innocent and their welfare should not be sacrificed by a Government trying to score cheap political points. Australia is better than this.

Today’s decision of the High Court to extend this injunction, provides the Government with one last chance to drop this shameful deal.

This means the community also has another chance to pressure the Immigration Minister to uphold his obligations as the legal guardian of the children about to be expelled to Malaysia.
You can write to the Minister here.

We know that this is an unpopular deal. The more Australians read about it, the less we like it. This is your chance, to have your say and tell the Government that rather than using innocent children as pawns in their political game, it should be treating these vulnerable people with compassion.

Thank you for your commitment to fighting for the rights of vulnerable asylum seekers.

Yours sincerely,

P.S.: Don’t forget to write to Minister Bowen today.
this is the address
Overseas People please do this too. Following is an example email you can cut and paste and add to.

Dear Minister,

I write to request that you act in the best interest of all children and in particular, the unaccompanied minors for whom you are legal guardian, due for expulsion to Malaysia.

The Migration Act requires you to act in the best interests of the child and provide for their safety and welfare. If they are sent to Malaysia, the welfare of these children cannot guaranteed.

We urge you to act in the best interests of these children and abandon your deal with Malaysia.

Yours sincerely,

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