To Kill or to Enhance Life retelling of a story by Cherokee Grandmother PaRisHa

In a little cafe in a sleepy town in Ohio we sat around along table. This was our time together before setting back to different parts of the world include me back to Sydney Australia. The big food was in contrast to the super healthy eating we had been enjoying for the past three weeks at the Friendship Village Retreat Centre where we had come together to share the amazing experience that is the Sun Ceremony.

Having ordered harty foods like omelets with cheese and peppers, home fries (that’s potato chips) with peppers on the side, stacks of pancakes ….. it was story time. Parisha Taylor whom I call (Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha as a term of respect) has a way of sharing great Wisdom through stories. This one keeps coming back to me so I must share it – I note this has not been reviewed by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and while I have written what I recall of the story there may be points I missed or misinterpretated.

Parisha was raised by her Grandmother an amazing Cherokee Woman – many stories could be just about Her and the remarkable Being she was while on this Earth and continues to be from the Place of Spirit.

Cherokee are Peaceful Peoples like other Plains People (Native North Americans who lived on the Plains and originated form the South (as far as South America and the Mayans). The Cherokee way is to Enhance Life. Cherokee Peoples do have warriors and mightly they are with their whole selves devoted to the Peoples and ego being of no focus for there is no self only the oneness. When necessary the Warriors could and did kill others but the call for that to occur was indeed extreme. This is a story of how extreme that has to be.

Parisha was trained as a Warrior by both her Grandmother and Grandfather. The overriding teaching was to enhance life. To See yourself in All. AS such there is no enemy. Pa’Ris’Ha skilled in all areas of the Warrior was able to bring down 8 or more of the best Warriors form hers Peoples when she was around 8 years old. Yes this is how it can be. Being a Warrior has much to do with Clear Mind as well as physical strength and the abilities of heightened senses so one knows what is to occur well before it happens.

Usually Pa’Ris’Ha and her Grandmother travelled with a Wolf Pack – a pack of loyal Wolves who scouted for them, loved them, kept hostile People at bay and more. Parisha’s Grandmother had such a deep connection and communication with the Wolves and particularly the head Female and Male – the Alpha and Omega that few words were ever needed. When the Wolves were needed they were there.

On this occasion Parisha and her Grandmother travelled through the forests around the Mountains and through hostile territory. No Wolves with them at this time as they had been needed elsewhere.
With foresight Parisha’s Grandmother sensed the growing nearly of hostile People who had the intent to kill them. Quietly her and PaRisHa went through the wooded area around and over rocks within the Green of the Forest. Coming close so close now so many of them – those hostile and intent to kill.

Pa’Ris’Ha still a child in years, but not in ability, put her hand to her weapon to draw it out ready…the hostiles were within seconds of being upon her and her Grandmother. Parisha stepped up to go over a rock and bang she was taken out hard falling to the ground gasping to regain breath. Her Grandmother had hit her square in the wind-pipe at close range. Now her Grandmother looked right into PaRisHa and said “I’ll take you out first”.
Around the breakfast table many had finished eating before the story began – anyone who hadn’t now did.

How could this be right the Grandmother who loved and raised PaRisHa who past on the Wisdom and so so much more. How could she knock her out? And why now just as those intent to kill them are coming upon them??
Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shared with us that her Grandparents had taught her in all things and in all ways the Way is to Enhance Life. Along with this was the teaching to never draw your weapon unless you intend ot use it – that is to kill.

In those moments in the forest with rapidly approaching peoples, many of them, whose intent was to kill and possibly worse PaRisHa’s mind went first to the thought of killing them to survive.
It was this thought to Kill that triggered the lightning fast reaction from Her Grandmother and the words
I’ll take you out firstWhy – because the thought to kill was in opposition to all The Grandmother had taught Pa’Ris’Ha. It was not of the Beauty Way it was not the focus to Enhance Life.
Pa’Ris’Ha regained her sense and ability and with a very sore throat went forward to the oncoming hostile Peoples. Here her Grandmother ‘threw’ a vision which the hostiles took and beloved they saw themselves killing and cutting into Pa’Ris’Ha and her Grandmother definitely killing them. All the while Parisha and her Grandmother stood as is invisible.

After some time the others left the forest. The next morning PaRisHa and her Grandmother went to the edge of the Forest on the opening to the others camp. Here they were seen by the Warriors who had, in their minds, killed PaRisHa and her Grandmother the day before. Now they looked uncomfortable – extremely uncomfortable as theirs minds went to the Power of the two women that looked right into them. Parisha was getting some pleasure from seeing the discomfort on their faces. This her Grandmother sensed and sent a though right back to her – focus is to enhance life – there could go you or I. We are ALL ONE.
More from this story later.

I deeply appreciate this teaching and Wisdom shared by Parisha Taylor – whom I call Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. While she told this I was transported from that CAFÉ to the forested woods the deciduous forests with the deep green understory and speckled light reaching through the dense canopy. The suspense and the enormity of the act of knocking out one of your own. The unwavering commitment to harmony the knowing of the connection to ALL things and the oneness of all. And that to go first to the thought of killing is out of Harmony with all of the Beauty Way thus is not supported in one of your own.

As an Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha provides this reflection for me. Nothing as drastic as she experienced but the motivation is still to allow me to have nothing in my being that is out of Harmony with the whole. To know that there are two sides to the Medicine Wheel – that this is a world of opposites. That where there is what is called good there opposite it is what is called bad – Day/Night…many opposites but both are required for either to exists. So it’s not about destroying the opposite but to be able to know the side I choose on the wheel of opposite and to be that 100%.

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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2 Responses to To Kill or to Enhance Life retelling of a story by Cherokee Grandmother PaRisHa

  1. Mari Tittke says:

    Thanks fr sharing this story unusual but something new to learn

    • miadalbyball says:

      Hi Mari,
      I appreciate your feedback. Yes unusual – I guess that is why it plyed in my head so long. Hearing it directly from Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha also allowed me to really picture it. Sometimes she laughts adn says that her life would make a great Science fiction novel – only that it is all true. I’ve been with Indigenous People often enough now that I see and expereicen things that do not sit comfortable with my knowledge form my cultural upbrining nor by Bachlor of Science Degree – so the World is so much more that I even imagine. I trust this sharing of the story brings you harmony in your day. All the Best. Elaway diyi Ngli’ta

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