How to know when rain is likley teachings from Elders

Avalon Beach on the cloudy - rain birthing time.

Avalon Beach on the cloudy - rain birthing time- pre New Moon. Mia Dalby-Ball

Coastal Wattle Mia Dalby-Ball

Acacia sophorea Coastal Wattle Mia Dalby-Ball

-I’m sharing what has been observed and experienced this is what has been handed on and stated in the morning prayer of the Cherokee…

“the sky will reflect back to me as a mirror”……
As Peoples we have historically had strong connection with the seasons, cycles and weather – having to rely on our knowledge of them to be ‘successful’ in life. That is have food (crops/harvesting etc), shelter, meet for larger gatherings, conduct ceremonies at the right time, and more. To a lesser extent this is still done in some of the modern religions where the timing of religious events are timed with cycles of the moon rather than set dates (Ramadan, Easter….). But day to day for much of the global population we go by a calendar of set days (and in most places Monday to Sunday or equivalent) and this can result in a disconnect from the subtle and not so subtle cycles in Universal “Book” + Nature/Earth.

So it is with Great Appreciation that I welcome the Teachings I have received and pass on with Joy. Just this morning the Kookaburras were calling – not just at dawn but at 9 and 10 and just now at 11.30am. Auntie Fran, A Dwahawal Elder (Aboriginal Woman from the Country West of the Blue Mountains) has shared with me the Kookaburras calling (laughing) in the day indicate a change in weather with rain in the next four days.

So here is a story to share:

Hearing the Kookaburras not just at dawn but at 9 and 10 and just now at 11.30am and noticing them she looked and watch the sky – 11.55 now the brilliant Sydney clear Blue skies start to cloud over… recalling this she has to get up and shut the window as the wind is picking up quickly – blowing in from the West.

Ah ha – her mobile phone beeps to say there is a txt message – and here is an alert from the weather Beaureu “NSW Sever Weather: Damaging Winds. ACT, Metro Sydney … Winds 60Km/hr peak gust of 120Km/hr from this evening…

So the Kookaburras beat them to it. 🙂

She has watched her Elder and teacher Cherokee Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha work by the Moon and the Sun as all Traditional Peoples have done and many continue to do. Not just for weather but for meetings, business, and optimal times to plan and optimal times to put things into action. At her core she knew this is true.

One day she may write about the influence of the Moon – from a “Scientific Perspective” as drawing on her University Degree in Science along with the precious Teachings from Elders.

Today is the third day after the New Moon – she looks at the partly cloudy sky and recalls four days prior to the New Moon when the rains came and changed Sydney’s Clear Skies to Cloud with misty rains.

From the beach in the pre-dawn morning she looked and saw the slither of the crescent moon the last of the moon cycle. Admiring its beauty low in the sky accompanied by Venus shining bright and steady in the dark cool morning. Wondering when the clouds would come she walked form the Beach feet in the cold sand over the dunes where the Bandicoots now nestled in to sleep the day away – their footprints showing they had a busy night foraging out onto the open sand in the dark night.

Walking past the Wattle plants on the Dunes their blossoms just starting to burst form rht many buds covering the ends of the low sprawling branches – in a few months there could be a collection of seed for Wattle-seed tea and Wattle seed damper and more. Plus before that the pods could be collected green and steamed and eaten. Plus the flowering of brilliant yellow was telling what fish were moving up the streams to breed.

Home now – kids ready for school – a fun school – they had dressed themselves already in what ever they wanted (no uniforms) and were happy to go on the adventure up to Kinma chatting about the projects there would continue with and finish – holidays were coming soon.
She said to the kids take extra warm tops today and your raincoat – why – its sunny today. “The as the New Moon is almost here and the rains will come soon” she had shared with them. They chatted about how the rains were blessing the moisture bringing in the birthing of the new ideas, plans and other things they wanted to bring forth in the upcoming moon cycle. Majas said she would draw what she wanted and she did that day.

By the time they were in the car the clouds came over, deep heavy layers of grey – the rain started light misty rain it was one and off all day and for everyday up to around midnight on the 1st of July then the first day of the New Cycle was bright Blue skies again the intentions had been birthed in with the moisture and it was time to take action with them.
We are all one and all connected – with all things. Tree, Water, Cloud, Person, Cat we are all connected. We have our own lineages and karmas true but All is Energy and that has not boundaries no stop start. We gaze out over a field of electromagnetic radiation and see/taste/feel/hear from it what we expect and we put out there.

In this Magnificent Universe I celebrate the holders of the Wisdom who are sharing knowledge that assists us come out of our slumber and disconnection and again know how to read the Great Book that is Earth and the Seasons and Cycles.

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I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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