What to do if you are overwhelmed – or getting close to it

I’m only writing this because when I use it – it works.

When you have LOTS on and (if you had no solutions) you could move to overwhelm (some call depression / inaction) then try these 3 solutions:

1) Do and COMPLETE something.
Find something you can do that is incomplete and Complete it.

Wash the last few dishes in the sink.
Vaccum the floor.
Hang all your clothes up (or give some away / put in the wash etc)
This works because every unfinished thing keeps a hold of some of your attention (and if you can see this in Units then see that if you ahve 1000 Attention Units total and 760 are scattered keeping track (subconsciously) of all the unfinshed tasks and misunderstood words) then the little bit you got left (240 units) can quickly get taken up if something “big” requires your attention. If that things needs more than 240 units then you can go into overwhelm and so of shut down (sometimes called depression). So get back your attention units and you can start with the easy ones (complete simple things around you that make your immediate environmnet – home, office, garden…..more organised. Even the bushland is supremely organised (more on that later).

A Cherokee Elder stated “Organisation is Life. Organs in Action = Health” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. Whatever we do at our scale is multiplied through the Universe as we are All Connected. Modern Science shows this all Connectedness. So if you cant do this for you then know that overcoming the resistance and doing it anyway can help millions by making it easier for all – just because you did it.

2) Take a walk and CONSCIOUSLY look at the things in the environment. See specific things. Name each on to yourself e.g. Tree, Sign, Car, Bird……
This helps because it gets you extraverted (outwardly focused) and thus stops the ’round and round’ that can go on in your head. Once extraverted you can See things more as they are without the ‘panic’. This process also gets you into the present time and you do best when you do what your doing – not haiving your mind 70% on that thing but the rest off somewhere else.

3) Sit and write your Ideal Scene of what your week would look like if you got everything done the way you wanted it done.

Everything is Energy – Our Thoughts (and the many filters in our minds) make up what we Experience. Of the 200billion pieces of information received by your most marvelous mind/body how much are you consciously taking in a joyful able way. The count (from those who count) is that we take in about 10,000 and most of those are about how our body is…hot, cold, hungry…
Your Ability to do and Create so much is as unlimted as the UNiverse.

So regain all your Attention Units – complete things and get organised.

Observe yourself rather than Judge yourself.

Every second is a new beginning. So do it now.

Overwhelm will be unknow to you and wha the Shambala Monks refer to as the Wind Horse will pick you up and will full energy you can and complete everything you set out to do adn it will be with Joy.

The Game will be Back and You are a Winner. By writing you Ideal Scene and then Organising a sequence of Event to move you to it you will Create it.

Elaway diyi Ngli’ta

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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