Fly with me Auckland to Sydney on Air NewZealand

Flying back to Australia from NZ I glance up and see a few more of the trivia questions on the overhead monitors – still don’t know the answers. While they are mostly NZ based many are about sports and film people – areas I have little specific knowledge in. I appreciate both sport and film but don’t follow the details of specific people / films etc.

Thinking of films one that moved me greatly was The Piano – even thinking of it brings to my ears (really to that part of my brain that organises sound recall) that melodious and powerful piano music that is the theme of the movie. If you have not heard it – have a listen (minimise the screen so you don’t have to watch the excerpts from the movie – pretty heavy)

Starting our decent 17 degrees C in Auckland with a gentle breeze .. so time to shut down for now…

Now flying from Auckland to Sydney an hour in and just over 2 to go.

International travel is pretty luxurious these days – the entertainment systems that use to be for first class are now the standard in Economy – I’m on Air New Zealand. Mendelsohn Violin Concerto playing in the quality earphones. Comfortable wide seats with plenty of leg room (for me). Now there is an announcement telling us the lunch choices – salmon noodle salad or Chicken Leek Pie – followed by NZ icecream….

The window blind is down now as it is extremely bright outside with full sun reflecting of the shining silver Pacific Ocean and the super white clouds.
This was my first trip to New Zealand and it all happened at short notice. I was here for the 2 and a half days to work with a couple of places in relation to improving environmental outcomes via best use / reuse of post consumer waste (or rather resource!!) namely tyres. One place was super organized and we made great progress. The other was not organised and had been using the land as a mass dumping ground for tyres – this is common – but I’m please to say is the environmental agencies are onto this and influencing the appropriate reuse/storage and recycling. Tyre sellers pay tyre collectors to have their tyres removed and appropriately managed. So that’s how I came to be here – and I’ll be back in the place that has clouds indicating land is close (aka The Long White Cloud).

My vision of Aotearoa have been built largely from stories told to me as a kid and recently as well by my Dad. Dad grew up in England and during his time in Sea School he read a passage about the land ….. “where densely wooded cliffs drop steeply to the sea”…..and decided straight away that he had to go to this place.

After graduating from Sea School (choosing to ignor all teachers and be self taught – that’s another story) and working on the international ships my Dad got himself to New Zealand to the densely wooded places that dropped steeply to the sea. So the stories I had were all about the wild places, the forests, trekking steep mountains, raging rivers filled with icy cold melt water.
That one can camp in NZ without being bitten or killed by poisonous things. No Poisonousness snakes and he said no poisonous spiders. The guys in NZ just told me they do have one poisonous one but it’s not seen much …..and now they also have White-tailed Spiders and Red Backs also called Black Widows (from Australia) plus the White-tail has now inter-bred with their one poison Spider and formed a super spider with a very deadly type of poison…..

Dad had said that back in his time there tents sold in NZ didn’t have attached floors – because dangerous things did not crawl in – must be different today.
So next time I come to NZ – preferably with my Family- we can get out in that wild world. It all feels very much more likely now that I’ve been here. Touching the Earth of a Place listening to the birds, seeing the soil. Feeling the breeze makes a connection a physical one that once there will not go away.

One gets a feeling of de ja vu when back in a place they have been to before – I got this when in Spain when about 24 – travelling on a round the world ticket (as many Aussies do once finished formal studies)-I found myself in Alicanti Spain and stayed quite a while very comfortable there with a strong feeling of familiarity. Not that anything was particularly like Sydney. Upon sharing this with my parents they said that had many months living there as a child (under 2). So there is was that connection made – never lost.
Flying over Aotearoa (NZ) one sees those steep densely forested cliffs and mountains – especially when over the west coast of the South Island. Spectacular ones with snowy caps peaking through rings of cloud. Waterways flow from flat lands on the landward side of the mountains to wind through the Mountains to the sea. In flat the waterways are wide and braided (where they twine in and out of each other). Mountains then squeeze them into long reflective snakes curving through narrow passes before spilling out into the sea. At the sea the water is coloured by the sediments showing clearly where the riverwater merges with that of the sea.

Glacier powder is what colours the water the Silvery rock colour. Glacier Powder is the fine sediments created when glaciers, over 1000s of years, crush rocks and release this fine powered when the ice of the glacier melts releasing the rock power with the melt water into the streams). Some waterways have no glacier melt water flowing into them and these are blue (See images taken between Christchurch and Wellington).

Our ability to take in all around up is massive – 200million pieces of information per second – yet we use less than 10,000 and most of that is how our bodies are going relative to teh environment (hot cold hungery …).
Observing the thoughts that arise and tracing them to there origins this life-times origins) it’s apparent how a place, person. thing, event can be judged before it is even encountered.

TO be of Clear Mind is to be able to SEE what IS exactly as it is rather than through the filter of our own life experiences, our cultural upbrining and associated societial expectations. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha Cherokee Elder describes this as Observer – the pure you. The Other is Minds Child still learning, justifing, judging, being noisy.

I greately Apprecaite the Life Experiences I have and know I always have the choice to listen to the rational of the Mind Child or the Wisdom of the clear Observe. THat which is at one with all. THe illusion of seperateness gone.

Mia Dalby-Ball
Elaway diyi Ngli’ta.

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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