Aboriginal Cycles and the Blooming of the Gymea Lily

Grandmother Parisha Mia Dalby-Ball

Gymea Lily Mia Dalby-Ball Grandmother Parisha Aboriginal Season

The Season of Marraigang

Bana’marrai’yungwet, becoming cooler

The D’harawal are some of the First People in what’s now called Australia. D’harawal are one of the Peoples of the greater Sydney area. D’harawal and any other Aboriginal Peoples (Koories NSW Aboriginal Peoples) recognize the seasonal changes in the local environment as having 6 types (seasons) – rather than the 4 European seasons ( which really don’t fit –Australia. Not only that but its upside down with people sending E-cards with snow men on them in the middle of Summer –the Australian Christmas.

But things are changing. Many People in Australia – and World Wide – are expressing their strong desire to know more of the Spirit and Heart Connection to Place to Earth.

We are so fortunate to have those who safeguarded the knowledge through the last 200 years of ignorance and barbarity from the colonial governments to more recent times – where sharing the wisdom, even speaking language was punished often severely.

Auntie Fran – Francis Bodkin a D’harawal Elder has compiled an awesome book called D’harawal Seasons and Climatic Cycles.

Today the younger kids are playing in the bush among the huge leaves of the Gymea Lily looking up the 6 to 10 feet flower stalks they saw the red of the what will be the massive flowers curled within themselves shooting upward under the canopy of the great Gum Trees.

With the sharing of the Ancient Teachings and the Wisdom of the Aboriginal (Koorie) Peoples 1000’s of years of connecting with Earth and all the living beings the watching of such Beauty – the Giant Flowers Unfolding – now we also have a network of knowledge where the Flowers opening also symbolizes the beginning of the new season – coming of the cold time. Time to mend and make warm clothes and move from the Mountains to the Coast.
This Ancient Wisdom used in our Modern Day helps one to SEE their environment and assists in connecting to Place – to Country – this is the real Australia “test”.

Luckily a fantastic Book exists “D’harawal Seasons and Climatic Cycles” Complied by Francis Bodkin – D’harawal Elder. A perfect for any age group, extensively researched Auntie Fran via her connecting with those who still knew the stories. Plus realistic and emotive images of the plants and animals of Australia by Loraine Robertson. Email dharawal@tpg.com.au to order – the books are current $25 AUD direct from Auntie Fran plus postage and handling. Or ~ $45 in book stores.

If you’re in Sydney, or can get here, be one of the very special and intimate events where Auntie Fran and other Koorie Peoples from NSW including Les… (name others) guide you personally through Country, shares stories about the changing seasons, Cultural Connection, every Persons connection to place. A current series of events is being run as part of a Program called the “BioCalander”. Five events have been run to date all fully booked out with tremendous feedback including the following:

The upcoming May 21 event is booked out however due to the success and popularity of the events by participants and those sharing the wisdom those who organized the events are keen to run more. If you want the change to be part of one of these days please leave me a comment in teh comment section with your email address if you want.

Looking forward to sharing the Wisdom and Seeing the Beauty of this Land with You.

With teh Words from a Cherokee Elder ‘Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha “Know Nature you are of Nature and Knowing nature You Know Yourself”

Elaway diyi Ng Li’ta

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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2 Responses to Aboriginal Cycles and the Blooming of the Gymea Lily

  1. Max says:

    very interesting reading on the Gymea. This flower is one of my favorites and always good to read up on more information. Thanks again,.

  2. miadalbyball says:

    Hi Max –

    I appreciate the feedback on my blog post.

    I’ll put more photos up when they are flowering.

    A truly magnificent flower.

    When they flower is when the Whales are starting their migration –

    Were lucky that our Nursery (Avalon Aquatics and Native) is surrounded by them. Naturally growing on the ridge-top on deep soil. They are huge.

    There is a whole story by Auntie Fran Bodkin (who is a D’hawal Woman) and works at Mt Annan Botanical Gardens.
    I’ll find out where it is.

    There’s another story about how the Waratah became white in her book Seasons and Cycles of the D’hawal People.

    dharawal@tpg.com.au to order – the books are current $25 AUD direct from Auntie Fran

    Looks like you’re in the flower business – all the best with that.

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