Four Planets Align Sydney Australia

Adding pictures in 8 hours 🙂 so come back then aswell 🙂

Yesterday I was shown a short video on the internet – it was from NASA and showed the predicted movements of our Planets and their aligning just above the horizon (Eastern) throughout May. kookaburra raucous laughter heralds the sun is coming. In the darkness the Laughter starts up. One bird then two then the family group of around 5+. Next the small birds tweets and pips. Predawn is a wonderful time of day. Light just seeping into the dark and fading it away. With the Light the Magpies warble – a melodious song like they have sunshine in their throats and they are rolling around before flowing out with every note. After that Screechy Bossy Busy Rainbow Lorrikeets are up and collecting nectar. Magnificent birds Rainbow indeed.

Walking to the Beach – I take a different route than usual and there above the silhouetted trees I see two bright objects clearly – Venus and another Planet – up to the side another fainter Planet. A know a fourth is there as well but the growing brightness of the day has outshone the Planet for thismorning.

People are walking their dogs along the back beach tracks all rugged up in layers of clothes as the weather is cooling here – cool for Sydney 14C in the early morning and a lovely 20C during the day with bright clear skies. At the Beach a group of people are out on their paddle boards. The surf is small today. The paddle boards are used as rescue boards in surf lifesaving. This group of people are all volunteers at the local Surf Club the stay healthy and well prepared by training almost every morning. They lie or kneel on the boards and use their arms to push through the water and head out to beyond the small breaking waves then ride a wave in and do this again.

Ocean is wonderful a calmness on teh horizon and much activity here at the shore where the little surges from waves flow through the rocks piled at this northern end of the beach – beyond here the yellow sandy beach stretches out and the waves roll rhythmically onto the sand releasing a gentle pshhhhhhhhh sound. No wind today just calm cool salty air.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha a Cherokee Elder recently shared a story about a group of mice who were getting ready for Winter collecting foods and storing them away busily. One, whom I’ll call Winno, would sit or lye and watch the sky and the nature all around, the changing colours the sounds the smells. “Winno” the others would say” can’t you see the Winter is coming and you have enough food if you don’t collect now”. Winno would reply that yes he saw all this. The others keep collecting and the story goes on to the time they are in their burrow deep under the snow and the food has run out (more than just what Winno would have contributed if he had just collected). At this Time Winno began to tell them all a story – they forgot their hunger and relaxed into a beautiful state listening as Winnos story brought to life all the images, smells and sounds of Spring the beautiful budding flowers, the green leaves of all shapes and sizes budding forth the buzz of Bumble Bees the warm gentle breeze scented with flowers. Winnos story comforted the mice and when they finally awoke it was Spring. Winno story had brought them right to the Beautiful Time with no suffering.

In this time on Earth Right now see and Treasure and Remember all the Beauty around you – look for it and you will find it even in the hardest of places. Greeting the Morning appreciating that the Sun has come up is a great way to start.

Good Morning Wonderful World
May today my Eyes see and know 1000 Beautiful Things
and my hands hold 100 Sacred Objects
and as I look around I See Great Beauty in All I see.

Grandmother Parisha

Post by Elaway deye Ng Li’ta

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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  1. My beautiful sister thanks for reminding me about this most wonderful story Grandmother shared with us, it hit home once again today. Great post. Miss you, yet you are always with me. 🙂

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