Sun Ceremony 2009 – recollections

Following is what was written after being part of the Sun Ceremony in 2009. The Sun Ceremony is watched over by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha – Cherokee Elder and Peace keeper.
“The Old One said, ‘All life resonates from our existence. The universe is our outer body. All is connected.’ This has been an echo that has been at the heart of a life time of seeking and exploring being Human. How and what does it mean to be human? Like the subatomic level of atoms and electrons that are the base of all matter and form, Man is such in the Cosmos.” -Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor
“Love is all I know. It works for me. I was created as love and will return when I have completed here.” — Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha
“Resolve judgments and issues and do not allow them to take more precious time in your life. Saying ‘Yes’ to the Universe and getting on with empowerment is seeing what must change and doing it. Life then becomes fun and the transformation is exciting and rewarding instead of heavy and sad.” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha
I was at the Sun Ceremony as a supporter of the Dancers. My name is Mia, I am a mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend. I am 39 years old and live in Sydney Australia. My education background includes a BSc with first class honors from Sydney University majoring in Ecology and Biology. My work includes Tyres Reclaimed an international trading in used tyres and rubber products and Dragonfly Environmental – a Sydney based environmental consulting company specialising in restoring wetlands and waterways. I am a co-director of the Australian Centre for Human Development a humanitarian organisation dedicated to raising consciousness.
I met Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha in 2004 at a WESC (Buddas Birthday Day) celebration held in Manly Australia. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha presence, words of truth and self responsibility resonated strongly with me. I attended the course in Nuwati the following week – where the latest findings in quantum physics and brain research were shared along side Ancient Wisdom. Illustrating the truths in Ancient Wisdom – what my intuition has always felt.
I have continued to learn from Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha when She is in Australia. Other times I kept learning via conference calls where books such as “Mind into Matter” by Dr Fred Allan Wolf are discussed.
Most of all my learning is through the application of the teachings. The result is I know my mind, when I am working from a place of being in cause of what occurs and when I am just reacting to the outside influences of people, places, my own thoughts. I have tools that keep me in a place of being cause over my life – where I can work for the greater good rather than being wrapped up in my own world.
Additionally the tools I now have keep resulting in increased outputs and ability to work from a conscious place rather than being a reactive sac of human. Mind in Control of Matter – is the key and having no doubts is the solution.
The shared wisdom has benefited me and others in my work, with family and friends. As is results in me being calm and stable yet quick to act in a responsible manner.
I’ve had many “Ah ha” moments where the principals of Nuwati have illuminated, filled gaps and in some cases completely re-written what I had learnt through School and university.
I flew to Ohio – USA – for the Sun Ceremony. I went with my Children.
All those present contributed their time and resources to set up the Arbor (Circular area where the Sun Ceremony is held). Set up was according to tradition – nothing is to be changed in how the Sun Ceremony takes place. To alter it would be to change the message and power it gives.
We also prepared the Ancient Village that has been built by hand on the property in Ohio.
Children are valued through all aspects of the Ceremony and it’s set up and take down. My children, along with others were guided by the teenagers – who are now the mentors – in the protocols of the Arbor and the Sun Ceremony. How to behave around a fire, when and how to walk into the Arbor – especially when the Dancers are in the Arbor, who to walk backwards out of the Gates (a gate is at each of the four directions North, South, East, West). My son is still showing me how he can go backwards out doors at home – he loved it.
Children, with the teenagers, had the important job of making sure the pots with herbs such as Sage and Cedar were filled and burning – not of fire but smoking. Maja has shared with me how to say a prayer for the first three sticks that go to make the fire. Kade has drawings of medicine wheels with the four Animals Buffalo, Eagle, Wolf and Bear in their corners.
Shared teachings lead up to the Vision Quest time – a time of solitude on the land.
Vision Quest was followed by the Sun Ceremony.
Sun Ceremony started with heavy fog over the treed hills, blessings of light rain and cleanings. The second day started with heavy fog which lifted as the start time came. Bright rays of sun shine shone into the arbour as the Dancers in their Red and Golden Regalia entered the Arbor. I felt the energy pulsating alive. A dance that is a code footsteps sending the messages to the heavens. Repetitive, sweeping me along with it’s rhythm. The beaming smiles of the Dancers faces as they looked up to the sky the sun and the ever changing Cloud formations. Cloud formations are called Cachinas. I too looked up at the Clouds and at times had to blink and blink again and rub my eyes to be sure that I was seeing what my eyes were showing me.
First a large buffalo skull – like the one symbolising the presents fo the Buffalo in the ceremony – Yunsai from the North. It was perfect – they eye of grey cloud even had a white dot for a pupil. It looked down into the Arbor at the dancers – seemingly please it faded back into the moisture cloud blanket. Then a cheeky fox face peaked through, followed by faces of ancient peoples, a baby face looking up with an older person looking lovingly at it. Then back to clouds again. If I was not seeing it I would not have really imagined the images could be so real.
Again the smiling faces – totally connected with source, the music, the song, the rattles of the dancers awakening spirit, their feathers and tasselled shawls moving the chi – earth energies. Clothing including the animals – a price of fur, feather, skin bringing those animals into the dance.
Warm air filled with the smells of smoking sage and cedar with the gentle undertones from the sweet grass.
Hawks flew over many times. In the sunny times I saw Hawks shadow pass over the grass linking us on the ground with the expansive air. Other winged ones visited as well. Dragonflies zig-zaged in following the circle close to the ground and then lifting high and away.
On the third day the butterflies were common and like the Dragonflies came low over and settled on the Grass then flew up and out of the Arbor.
600,000 monks praying joined by 1000’s of other from around the world – a specific and directed focus on this ceremony. As a supporter I was very privileged to be there for the whole ceremony. Myself and others sang with the chant, moved with the music and cheered on the Dancers whose endurance and focus was absolute.
During times where we could give the Dancer support by speaking to them over the microphone my son, Kade, went up and said in his Aussie accent “Good Work” when asked if he had more to say he didn’t – that was it Good Work and true it is and was.
The birds and the cloud peoples continued into the forth day the Dancers kept the Dance and were the Dance. At the conclusion of the dance the supporters, children and all were invited into the Arbor to ask for prayers, from the Dancers – one prayer I asked for was for healing for a person at my work who had an aggressive Cancer. Drs had told him he had a 40% chance of living more than 5 years. He had been lined up for Chemotheropy and had already had two operations. I saw him today he has been totally cleared of all cancer – he got the news on the 30th of July.
Many success stories will come of this dance. Much now has be done by the Dancers leading to the 2010 dance as it is not just the dancing it is everything that a Dancer does during the year and brings to the dance that makes it.
You can read more quotes from Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Ela way diyi Ngli’ta

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I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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