Organisation is Intelligence

Organisation is Intelligence

Confidence is Organisation

When organised and all is in its place creation of things can follow.
All we are getting back in life is what we have asked for, but with chaos and confusion surrounding us the flow of what we desire to create can’t get in.
With order for your day the universe can flow without an effort.
More than you can imagine the Universe the Universe will fulfil what you have ask for and then some – if you are organized.
By writing and implementing organisation our minds are trained in thinking and being organised. After some implementation our minds will flow in an organized manner without having to write everything down.
I know one whose mind flows with the pattern of complete Organisation and around her all is created.
She asks The Giver of All Things (the Universal Spirit) “Is this Mine to do” and if it’s not then she doesn’t create there knowing there is another outcome to come for the greater benefit of All Life.
How organized or intelligent is scarcity?
Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear keeps us out of harmony and often in scarcity.

Valuable Final Product
A Valuable Final Product is – the thing / feeling / idea when it is complete.
One has to know what they want,
how it looks,
how it is of value to them and others,
Have a knowing of this Valuable Final Product for everything you want to manifest in your lives.
Not Goals first goals is where our ‘mind comes in’ and all our programs and limited beliefs.

How will You Measure that you are Getting to your Valuable Outcome

Statistics – know what you are measuring – this focuses your mind and intention in creating what you have as your Valuable Product.

Ideal Scene
How does it look, taste, feel, smell, what do you hear what are people saying – when it’s there in front of you complete? – This is the Ideal Scene.
Write a lot and write including smell. Smell is linked to the pituitary gland.

Mind alone can block us it can stimulate our past failures
Our Senses = aid us focusing on our clearly articulated Ideal Scene
Hear – language – hear this and put in Ideal Scene. Get details to the point where you can talk about conversations you can hear.
When writing include every thought that comes in – if they are an objection – notice it they are the reasons for the failures – capture these and address these by writing out in Ideal Scene – solving “when that appears what will I do to overcome and get that desire.
By writing and feeling and embodying the Valuable Final Product having Statistics and a detailed Ideal Scene we embed this into our Grey Matter – we re-wire out brain for success.
The Mind Area needs to be clear so we know what we are creating. Having this clear takes us out of mind clutter – the “I don’t know”
With the Ideal Scene you cannot do it wrong.

If you do not do exact detail or it takes longer than planned – that’s an indication to go back to the Ideal Scene and put that detail in.
For everything is born and Spirit does not bring it in until that vessel is established.

Health too relies on Organisation – Even the word itself tells us this:

Organs in Action

Our whole body is orgainsed to do each function.
Disease in body = unorgainsed.
If it is worthy of your time – then get it organised. See it. Feel it, Smell it, Hear it Experience it Done.
Everything in Nature Goes by this process – this, organisation, is the principal that everything – the whole universe resonates to.

Everything in Nature Goes by this process – this, organisation, is the principal that everything – the whole universe resonates to.

Ela way diyi Ngli’ta

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I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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