Earth Changes – the Universe is Us – and the way through

“The Old One said, ‘All life resonates from our existence. The universe is our outer body. All is connected.’ This has been an echo that has been at the heart of a life time of seeking and exploring being Human. How and what does it mean to be human? Like the subatomic level of atoms and electrons that are the base of all matter and form, Man is such in the Cosmos.” -Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor

With so much going on in our Worlds today the above words are a reminder of the scale at which we really exist. Recently I asked Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha about how to best work with seemingly negative things that are directly against life and supporting the natural way on Earth and I was reminded again that all is Mind and to Meditate Keep a Clear Mind. this triggered in me again the saying of Be what you are for oppose nothing.

I’ve heard it said that Mother Teressa was ask to come on an anti war rally and she said no – but that she would support a march for Peace.

In this time of Earth Changes – cyclones, earth quakes, tsunamis we have an opportunity to go to grow and move toward harmony or to go to fear.

It is time to go to Harmony – be strong in mind practices – meditation – use the Force as Yoda said. Through Clear Mind is the Way. Love and Compassion and taking responsibility – that is responding with ability where ever and when ever we can

With Love for this amazing planet we live on and great appreciate to all those who dedication themselves to prayer and meditation to assist in moving all to Harmony.

Ela way diyi Ngli’ta

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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