Kurnell Mud-flat creation 10 years on Seeing the Beauty

Rehabilitating Environments – What is the place like after over 10 years

“Be in Nature, stay in harmony with Nature, it is you…Learn of Nature, then understand yourself!

” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Swans, Plants Seagrasses, Whelks (shells) Triglochin seeding, the plant I had come to see the sedges and rushes – Cyperus and Schenoplectus littoralis (littoralis meaning by the sea) and at this site Schenoplectus grows in salty conditions.

Seeing the Schenoplectus triggered a memory of seeing a new golf course inland from Newcastle in NSW with Schenoplectus littoralis growing naturally along the watercourse that criss-crossed the newly created greens and roughs. The Golf Course irrigating plans were to use the creek water to water golf turf this had not taken into account that the water was salty – it had been assumed as fresh. Yet here was Schenoplectus littoralis and nature clearly indicating the conditions were salty.

On site today Swamp Hens and a Swamp Hen Nest piled high on tall reeds.

Swirly Splashes in the shallows, as puffer fish went by wriggling their bodies to get over and through the shallow sections. Just off shore in shallow water was a mini world of mountain peaks among valleys of sea-grass puddles – havens for small fish. The Mountains were small sand piles pushed up by burrowing sea worms and the valleys the pools in between.

A Purple Flower sprawling over the mud in the salty section. Such beauty from mud.

Aeroplanes taking off overhead and trucks rumbling past along the Road.

Mangroves have started to colonise the mud-flat. An outcome that was not wanted as the aim is to have the mudflats open and to be boarded only by low-growing vegetation. Hence the plan was to have just Saltmarsh along the mudflats and no Mangroves. But the plants do what they do and they were not given any engineering drawing to say where to grow and not to grow.

An expensive mangrove seed stopping device was designed, constructed and installed at the entrance of this embayment. It appears to have reduced the number of Grey Mangroves (Avicennia marina) that would otherwise have colonised this area. River Mangroves are getting in – growing well and today flowering and fruiting. Should they be removed?

The entrance to this lovely place is dilapidated, the sign has graffiti and ½ covered with a board, some weeds have been killed and are brown and dry, the car park (a dirt pull-over) is empty – one car having left as soon as I arrived.

A discarded container of formalin with uses on label – for inhibiting rot in sheep hooves—lies among the reeds. The lid is tight there is no leakage – gone now from the Saltmarsh area.

What comes to mind are teachings of opposites on the Medicine Wheel – one chooses where to sit and where to view from. Harmony is the balancing of the opposites.
Just past the discarded container two Black Swans feed their long necks reaching water plants growing under water. Magestic – they move as a couple.

No words are needed to stay in sync with each others every move.
See the Beauty all around is it there.

Ela way diyi Ngli’ta

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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