Full Moon is coming, Global Migrations and Teachings from the Darkingung Peoples

NB visit this one again as I’ll get some photos in

With the coming of the Full Moon it is time to reflect on the goals and visions set at the last New Moon. A time to celebrate all fulfilled and the milestones along the way to others. Then getting in completions for this cycle before this Moon Cycle ends and new moon is here again.

With my chosen area of service (“work”) I have the great privilege of often working with the tides. Monitoring Saltmarsh – a vegetation type that grows in the area that gets inundated by the highest tides – the full moon tides. Today I went to observe the saltmarsh that has been planted at Port Botany. The tide indeed covered much of it – all was good. Sea-grass were growing in the channels over which the stormwater flows, Sacred Ibis with the long beaks black-grey skin heads probing their long beaks into the soft mud.
it’s easy to get absorbed by this little piece of world with the water sculptured sandflats, oyster-covered mudflats, shell islands and of-course the growing Saltmarsh which is now turning from greens to pinks as the plants ready for seed set.
Yet behind it the super busy Sydney Port – Port Botany with the hugh red and yellow cranes constantly in motion and beeping, yes beeping all day. Large container laden trucks lined in queues to get into the terminal. A huge ship docked along-side the port.
Sydney airport is a 5 mins drive away so here from the mudflats I see the Planes take off and into the air – it looks like they are on a 45degree angle up and up.
All this yet just 30 meters away on the edge of the Saltmarsh are a group of Golden Plovers – they journey has been a long one. All the way form Mongolia and Seberia to Australia while the Winter passes from their northern home. Here they must eat at every opportunity to gain the body fat and mineral reserves to get them back to the other side of the World in an almost non-stop flight.
Such incredible birds. Migratory wading birds annually circumnavigate this globe Earth. Journeys, such as these epic flights, that follow the seasons and cycles link the global communities. No one place is home – it is all home and the little stops along the way are so very important.
Whales too with their Global journeys link the Oceans.
Today there are fewer on the land who do the seasonal migrations – the Wilderbeast and some others.
Great journeys are excellent reminders of the season and cycles and the circles the global travellers do form energy rings along their paths. Followed for thousands of years these lines are handed on from one generation to another.
This reminds me of an excellent day recently where Uncle Gavi and Auntie Deborah from the Darkenjung People (Aboringal Peoples North of the (Derubbin river) Hawkesbury near Gosford) share stories and wisdom about living with teh seasons and cycles and moving from coast to mountains with the annual seasonal changes and how the animals and plants are the markers of the climatic conditions to come.
When a certain plant started flowering it would be the time to leave the mountains and head back to the coast. Not a date on a calendar – as this has no connection to what is really occurring. When the ants started moving all their food, nest material and young way up in the trees (or now in higher in your home or office) then a big wet time was coming. Deborah shared how her friends in Brisbane share with her that the ant have been moving high – as high as they could go and this started 6 months before the recent (January 2011) big floods.
This great day of learning was part of a program called Seasons and Cycles facilitated by Pittwater Council on Sydney’s northern beaches (Guringai Homelands)with grant funding from the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority. It is well past the time we ‘as new Australians’ sit and listen and learn the Wisdoms and have our eyes opened to the magnificence that is all around us. To connect with and know we are part of all we see. How we see it is how it is – to us.
There is a vision that all People again know they are the Earth Keepers who walk in Harmony and help keep the Balance. This time is coming – it is a terrific time.
Share the Vision of the skies, feeding, breeding and nesting sites of these global birds is clean and safe and all these birds needs are provided – as it has been from Source since the birds began.
For the Whales and others Ocean travelers I have a vision of clean seas, healthy safe swimming, feeding and breeding areas an abundance of food – as it has been from Source since the beginning.
“You are who you are waiting for” Grandmother Parisha – Cherokee Elder and Wisdom Keeper
Ela way diyi Unli’ta
Mia Dalby-Ball

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I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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