mass death of birds and fish – time to learn and move to harmony

Time to rise out of the slumber of semi-consciouness that has been the program for past decades.

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Such things as animals dying on mass at in many places is not a thing to say “the experts thinks it alright – normal”
I’m a so called expert with a Bachelor of Science with first class honors degree majoring in Ecology and Biology.
Plus I’ve been working in Environmental Mangement for the past 20 years.

What I know is those working on the ‘lab results’ are people doing their best with the training they have.
They can only draw upon the knowledge they have. In university you learn intensely from a narrow band of information.
Journalist too are just people how can draw upon their knowledge.

What’s required now is new ways of thinking, new understanding and new solutions.

It is obvious we ‘humans’ have been living out of harmony with life in general and with each other.
What cutting edge Physics is showing is that all is Energy and that thoughts influence energy.
Ecology has shows biological systems are intrecately linked.
Something has gone wrong.

Traditional Peoples Wisdom tell why it’s essential to live in Harmony.
Time to learn how and to learn more about the energy that holds it all together.

Ive heard it said that all it takes for ‘evil’ to rise is that good people do nothing.
Now while I’m not so into the good and evil I know I live in a world of duality and that for there to be good there is its opposite.
harmony is having the good great enough to balance its opposite.

My experience with Cherokee Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha is that if there is something to be done then it’s yours to do.
Parisha Taylor has also said the degree to which we can change a situation is the degree to which we take responsibility for the situation.
Examine your ways and move so that your thoughts and actions are in harmony with the universal ways and growing the balance of ‘good’.

So all people speak up about this.
Make some noise get some answers let the Earth know you are watching.
Help bring others out of the slumber of Apathy and fear.
Fear is – False Evidence Appearing Real – so lets get some truth, some facts not journalistic ideas of what is happening.
Then use this to empower right solutions.

Look at your own actions and with self responsibility move your actions to those of harmony with Earth.
Inspire others – this is a World of Abundance life in Harmony is a joyful one.
Harmonious living is about abundance not lack.

For example abundant energy from wind, sun, waves and hot rocks.
Not about lack but about doing things differently, consciously and making choices that include respecting all life – birds, bees, fish.

As I googled and read the news reports it became evident to me that the reporting of ‘reasons’ is unintelligent and aimed at an apathetic (sleeping) public.

The Daily Mail in the UK published a story this morning, “Animal Death Mystery”,
that details mysterious mass deaths of sea life and birds around the world.
Quoting experts, the paper reports that cold weather, parasites, or perhaps confusion due to fireworks are to blame.

Have a read for yourself, see the map of locations and the scale of the instances.

So, it takes us to ask for accountability.
What is man doing that is disturbing the natural harmony of life?
How is it affecting our children, let alone my own well being?

Here is how we can post our questions so that we can be heard:
1. Send letters/emails to the editor of your local newspapers
2. Send letters/emails to your local govt. representatives
3. Post on your blogs and all social media that you frequent that the mass deaths of animals is not just OK
4. Email all organizations of which you have a connection and inform them. Ask them to do the same.
5. Send letters/emails to all levels of your government in addition to your local reps.
6. Pray and Send blue light or which ever energy healing you do.
8. Love one another and be kind
9. Examine your ways and move so that your thoughts ad actions are in harmony with the universal ways and growing the balance of ‘good’.

In a world that is populated by loving, caring, and kind humans, imbalances in nature such as millions of our animal relations dying on mass, is not accepted as OK.
We each have a responsibility to the our environment and how we experience it.

We are the stewards of this lovely planet called Earth, or Ela. How are we doing?

So lets show Her and all our Relations that we care.

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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2 Responses to mass death of birds and fish – time to learn and move to harmony

  1. sulochanosho says:

    A good bunch of pointers there on the reported sudden unusual mass deaths of birds, bees, animals, fish across the globe. It seems we humans in our hunt for speed and greed are busy making this planet choke and suffocate. Time to retract and act fast. Our children and grand children may not have the glory of living on this planet earth anymore. We are creating a boiling pot where both the winners and the losers are wiped out. No one to see or witness it. Please let us mend and end this menace. Let us save this beautiful earth.

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