Avalon Beach Sydney Christmas Season’s Cycles

A cool wind has blown up this morning moving the leaves on the trees and pushing up the waves sending salty spay into the air.
From the downstairs Cafes I smell burning toast. The sky is terrifically blue and cloudless.

Christmas is near and each year I move closer to celebrating as an Australian rather than as a mis-placed Britt.
Gone is the chopped pine tree, the cards with snow men and the huge hot lunch.

This is high Summer, and on the ridge-tops and sandy places the Angophora Trees (a type of Gum Tree) are shedding their bark revealing their fresh bright orange new covering, their branches thick, yet curving, like a Balinese Dancer. On the rich shale soils the bark is shedding from Spotted Gums as well, and when the rains come their tall straight trucks shine green.

Whilst Spring – last few months were a flurry of activity, with flowers blooming, Blue Wrens calling, nests being made, the Cookoos from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia cawing loudly over head followed by flurries of noisy minor birds, magpies and currawongs – all chasing them away in case it is in one of their next that the cookoo will lay it’s eggs. I find this time of high summer is more of shedding, getting healthy, looking outward, planning for the starting of new projects.

Seasons – here in Coastal Sydney there are not four cycles but at least six general cycles and these fit within larger climatic cycles. The Original Peoples of this Land know the many subtle ways of the seasons and how they interrelate. Seeing what is happening all around, that the wattles (yellow flowering Acacias) are flowering correlates with the Mullet (fish) being fat and ready to eat. And soooooo much more.

Life is a Cycle, a Cycle is a Circle and in the Circle everything returns to where it began Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

To know the seasons of this place, to know the interrelationships of the organisms that live here – when the Cicadas call I know it is high summer. When the local beach plant we call Pig-Face is fruiting, it’s squishy pink capsule filled with sweet white fruit, my kids know it’s close to the Christmas Time.

Yes this is an amazingly beautiful place where nature abounds, I love to know the seasons and become more aware of what is around me. With each new thing I learn I know I have grown my brain – every new thing is a new neural connection (yes your brain grows forever – as long as you keep learning new things). With each new thing I See and then see again and again such as noticing what trees are shedding bark, which ones are flowering, what the birds are doing, when is it that the Cicadas emerge from their 7 years underground to sing like there is no tomorrow, I am building my world around me – as what is real to me is what I know to be real.

So a Sydney Summer Christmas is a time for shedding old, being open to the new, increasing in health and as always celebrating the abundance that is here.

Living life in keeping with the Natural Cycles supports Health and Happiness.

I have seen Parisha Taylor, whom I call Grandmother, live this way, living the beauty way of Her Cherokee Heritage, where there are many celebrations and acknowledgements for the many layers of Circles and Cycles from the universal journeys our Solar System takes as it Cycles around each new cycle bring a planet Earth into a new world (a next chapter) to the Earth based cycles spanning 10’s to thousands of years to the annual seasons, moons cycles, days and parts of the day.

All are Circles all are Cycles and we are in them as they are in us.
Our own cycle of picking up a body (a gift from Earth so that we can experience being on the planet – an alter) a gift that we leave with the Mother Earth when our cycle here is complete is within a greater cycle of the many life-times we have.

Wishing You Joy and Abundance
Elaway De Ye Ng Lia

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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