Morning Prayer and manifestation

KNP Wildflowers panarama Aug 07 Mia Dalby-Ball

KNP Wildflowers panarama Aug 07 Mia Dalby-Ball

Parisha Taylor, known to me as Grandmother Pa’Rish’Ha. Gave me this morning prayer. Each time I say it I get a deeper understanding of the meaning of this Ancient Wisdom and how it Creates my life with every thought I have and every action I make. I recall Grandmother saying she does nothing with out purpose and intention. I can see that and notice that when I do this I can achieve so much and I’m really present doing what I’m doing when I’m doing it.
It is best to read the whole prayer in order and I will post that as well. Here I am including just the area focusing on how we are responsible for all that occurs in and around us and that by knowing and using this knowledge we can take responsibility for ourselves/our thougths and actions and by doing this change our experiences in the world and the world.
First is the acknowledgement that there is no ‘separate’ up there out there God.

You are Great Ani Spirit you are All Wisdom and the Mystery that cannot be described and this I AM.

Then there is the acknowledgment of this Day.

We are loved and wrapped again in the blanket of time and this day. With the Gift of Your Trust. We will completed all that has been given.

Then the words showing how we can be the cause of our experiences (sometime called manifesting). Plus the importance of keeping the focus on the positive. What you focus on is what you get.
What are your areas of focus?

I am co-creator and Surrounded by Potential and I will to Create Beauty Wealth, Health and Abundance in Harmony with my Mother the Earth and my Father the Sky.

The last sentence about living in HARMONY is ESSENTIAL it is where we must go as a race. The Earth is a changing place and it is time to know the value of living in harmony.
Enjoy these words and see where your focus is. Once you know then move it to what you see as your Ideal Life.
The next post will share the importance of our thoughts and actions.
Until then May All Good Things Come to You Always

About Geraldene

I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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