A daily Practice shared from Grandmother Pa’Rish’Ha

Grandmother has shared with us that there are 81 principles of the Tao. She is working with us in mastering these. We began with the first principle, Living the Mystery. We are sharing our notes of the teaching with you.
First, some Word Clears:
Enigma – from Greek ainigma – to speak in riddles – something obscure
or hard to understand
Enigmatic – resembling an enigma (obscure, cryptic, mystifying)
Encounter – to meet as an enemy, fight, to meet the usual problems
unexpectedly, a chance meeting
Continuum – a continuous series or whole, no part of which is
perceptibly different from the adjacent parts, boundlessness, a
continuous extent, series, or whole,
any compact, connected set containing at least two elements.
Something that is the same throughout or consists of a series of
variations or of a sequence of things in regular order.
Do the Tao Now (handout)
At some point today, notice an instance of annoyance or irritation you have with another person or situation. Decide to do the Tao (or practice the Way) in that moment by turning inward with curiosity about where you are on the continuum between desire and allowing. Permit the paradox of wanting the irritant to vanish and allowing it to be what it is. Look inward for it in your thoughts and allow yourself to feel it wherever it is and however it moves in your body.
Turn all of your attention to becoming open-minded, allowing permissiveness to befriendthe mystery within yourself. Notice how the feeling manifests itself: perhaps doing “loop de-loops” in your stomach, giving a rigidness to your skeleton, making your heart pound, or tightening your throat. Wherever it is, allow it as an enigmatic messenger within you, and give it nonjudgmental attention. Notice the desire for the feeling to disappear, and Allow it to be monitored compassionately by you. Accept whatever comes. Encounter the
mystery within without labeling, explaining, or defending. It’s a subtle distinction at first, which you must take personal responsibility for identifying. You alone can prepare the ground of your being for the experience of living the mystery. (end of handout)
Whenever we are faced with anything that really gets on our nerves so
to speak, it actually gets on our nerves! The thoughts run down neural pathways and stimulate chemicals that affect our thoughts and all our biochemistry. And our thoughts affect not only our body in this moment, the buildup over time destroys and ages us. The vibrations of our anger or annoyance affect all around us.

When recognizing an irritant in your day one script we have been
working with is the following: “I understand. You are right.”
“I understand” is a declaration that with the 2 sides of polarity,
there can be two opposing statements with an issue. With this script
you are acknowledging your willingness to accept that these two
opposing thoughts do exist.
“You are right” is an acknowledgement that from the other person’s perspective he/she is right even if an opposing statement to you.
Where they are is exactly where they need to be at this moment.
You are standing in the center of the wheel bringing harmonics.
The script is to be used every time you experience irritation. It is
important to go inside oneself and identify the location in your
body where you are storing the emotional addiction. When we master this exercise and no longer allow irritants to be the stimulus for destructive thoughts or reactions or to feed our emotional chemistry, millions of people receive the opportunity of a better consciousness.
When we embody the script, the mind child cannot get involved.
We achieve the mastery to stand in middle of the circle to see two opposites facing each other.
The lesson is now in the cerebellum once we give it intention. We made this our intention to help us be a responsible successful master.
When you feel the harangue, the desire to attack, the trillions of storylines collected from the eons of life on this earth, go inside and bring forward a desire to love, be kind, bring beauty and peace. Also allow that in yourself and allow the other person to be. Find where the attack came from in your body. There is a physical correlation of the emotion and pain and discomfort. The task is to find where the thoughts of trillions of your ancestral lines are stored within– in your thoughts and the physical cells of your body. It is important to learn to go in and identify it. Recognize the emotions around the irritation and the stored memory in your body of the pain, and release it by allowing the opposition on the other side of the issue “to be” and to desire good things for the other. This field of opposites, is a continuum on which one side is allowing and the opposite is desire. There is peace that comes with the releasing of the stress. If the pain, or the physical manifestation of the irritation is not immediately identifiable, then place your pointer (air) and middle (fire) fingers in the center of your solar plexus and observe what comes up. Say continuum; allow and desire. You connect to the Continuum in your Center. Here is where desire and allowing is the Continuum!
By going in and not judging, not suffering but recognizing it as a hidden messenger alerting you where you can go,without judgment say: “continuum, allow and desire.” It is enough now. You have the opportunity for your desire to come forward and to allow this story line to end. By being all allowing, there is no need to hold onto the pain and suffering.
Intention and your free will are paradoxical. (This is the continuum, time loop.) Intention is Desire and Free Will is allowing. This is the Living Mystery. Paradoxical means two positions on opposite sides.
When we connect to the Source so purely this way and recognize that the other person is just holding the opposite position of the wheel, this is how we bring harmony to the situation.
When we get inside ourselves we neither make it right nor wrong nor do we try to get rid of it. Our bodies exist in duality. Without judgment we release it.
When you master this you are running time, you will experience self respect, no scarcity and unlimitedness. You are seeing the event before it happens. You will be of help and not harm. When you are in the nothingness that happens in meditation, that which exists is only love.
The Ancient One = first Woman never in form, gave her daughter up.
The One, the Ancient One = whatever is coming to form and matter.
The Old One = Wisdom, always singing and dancing, laughing
The Ancients, very much include masculine Seed. Nuwati births it.
Carry your scripts whereever you go. Put the scripts on cards and even carry around your neck.
Intention = fire, fire = intent. This is the mystery. Find an area in your life in which you have much passion, script it for how you want it to go and stick to that.
All good things come always is true. We can now move outside the need of suffering and allow movement.
This is our book, our bible now, this collection of scripts. Scripting; acceptance of the good things waiting to come into our lives. Say yes to the Universe.
If you take a single strand of DNA – harmony – and place it in a vat of chaos, in a few minutes, all is in harmony. You are that chord of harmony, which has the focus of bringing the good to the many. Scripts help you get to that place. One harmonious chord in a disastrous circumstance brings balance and all benefits. When you script, you are showing your brain that you are captain of the ship, overcoming programs. What is the most critical situation of your day today? Focus, go into Center, and make a decision that you’re on script.
If you don’t handle your emotional reactions, they store in your body. Need to change your chemistry. Harmonics are different. Bring out where you store things. Until you live from your journals and your scripting, don’t trust your mind. Find where your parents are stored in your body and get old programs out.
To know you’re with God is to know why you’re even here. Do not allow the irritants to take the Mystery away. The only way for you to let it in is when you personalize it and let it in. Otherwise, you can observe it, have no chemical reaction in your body and don’t take it in. When a person blows, they are calling out themselves, not you. Just before you blow, where in your body do you feel it?
Desire only for love. Continuum of desire and allowing. Go within, decide to do the Tao – the Way. Nuwati is the Way. Irritations and anger is of the flesh and of the mind. Go within to the Tao. Go to where the invisible is and pull from that.
Find something in your life that gives you joy and exuberance. Not your job or your work, something inside yourself that’s not for the purpose of seeking approval or attention. Something that you can do now, live in the now. Those who are jubilant are closest to God. You have to get so caught up in what you are doing, the money just happens. With the Tao, you can only be in the now. God is taking care of the finances. What is it in you that wants to express itself? Find it. No need for acknowledgment outside yourself. This is when you are expressing Source. For a lot of you, it’s writing. What you are willing to give is the volume of what you are willing to receive. Be the message.
When you master the first principle of the Tao, you affect thousands of people in 144 ways. Grandmother’s statement to us: “As I AM you ARE. I am preparing for Maitreya and for the thousand years of peace. I invite you to join me.”

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