Awsome quick storm – re-energised in Poland – Parisha Taylor

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Thunder rumbled and it looked like 4 hours had wizzed past and the sun had set.
Dark clounds layered upon each other with orange edges showing where one ended and another started.
A slow motion swirl of cloud banded across the low sun. Cold air – feeling like pre snow yet behind me in the east the sky blue with trailing white clounds.

As the kids rode their bikes -toward the yellow orange glow seeping from under the dark clound bank – fat drops of hard cold rain dropped from the sky almost immediately followed by little pieces of hail. Run said the Adults.

“Its the Grandmothers Kissing Us” said Kade.

Kade and Maja rode ahead to stop outside our place run inside get cups then run out into the rain to catch drops in the cups. Frogs call in the long grass of the lane next door. The dog is quite.

A hugh double super bright rainbow lights the sky….a pot of gold…. yes the joy of seeing those colours beaming through the grey sky. Maja the photographer is right out there laying in the wet grass taking aerial shote. Kades running bare foot down the street – stops does a wee on the grass laughts and runs on.

That’s it. Finished. The gutters sound like waterfalls and the frog pond below is running with new water. Earht continues to spin away form the sun as it moves closer to the horizon. Horray shouts Kade, come on says Maja – we can walk again now lets keep going…..and so they have gone west toward the setting sun, past the apple and pear trees whoes laden beanches spill fermenting fruits onto the road, where the little fruit fly buzzes and memories of apple cider are triggered bringing with them all the scenes, emotions and people from past times.

The joy of rainbows and fresh eyes. May our Eyes always be fresh, that everyday is a new day complete with 100% potential, that previous experiences are held fully in teh conscious mind and are evaluated for what they are. That they are not hidden stories triggered without us knowing shaping our feelings and reactions in the present moment.

May all your ‘memories’ be know to you and assist you – nothing hidden triggering you. That you are in Cause rather than being effected by the environmnet/events/people etc. Blessings to all be as splendid as the rainbow – a show of Light just as we are all traped light (electrons buzzings). I acknowledge Parisha Taylor – who I always think of when rain comes, when a storm rumbles over and her teachings of the elements and their actions in reenergising places on the Earth. To celebrate the rain as a gift and to rejoice in it – as I observe my Children so easily doing. 🙂

Parisha Tayor sung a most moving song I felt it rather than heard it. It was sung in the Cherokee Language. Parisha followed the song by sharing teh translation about how it was about a Large Deer runnignthrough a valley and as his hoves struck the rocks the lightening burst forth. THat this was the Ancient Ones working to bring the appropriate energy to teh Valley. Energisation of the Valley.

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I'm passionate about People and their Connection to the Natural World. To supporting projects and ideas that result in Earth Care and harmony. I'm very interested in Indigenous Wisdoms. I'm a mum of two lovely kids, daughter and friend. I love travelling and meeting people. I am keen on being responsible and creating the world around me.
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